Sponsor a Conference

Since 2013, the Charleston Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease (CCAD) has awarded over one million dollars in research grants to early-career investigators studying Alzheimer’s disease, primarily through the New Vision Investigator award.

Over the past seven years, all CCAD attendees consistently receive more NIH funds compared to non-attendees, and awardees receiving significantly more funding during the years following the conference. This is partially because the New Vision Investigator award helps early-career investigators obtain preliminary data which gives them a distinct edge when subsequently competing for federal funding.

With the support of mentors and the alumni community, investments in the novel and collaborative ideas of early-career investigators generates returns for the investigators and the institutions they represent for years to come.

The model for CCAD is well established and can be replicated for other illnesses or areas of research. To inquire about sponsoring a conference please click the button below and indicate your interest on the Contact Us form.  

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