CCAD Connections October 2023

We hope this newsletter finds you well! This is our fourth and final newsletter of the year. In this issue, you will find a New Vision Research Focus by alumni Fanny Elahi, alumni spotlights, and 2023 CCAD alumni publications. As most of you know, we are kicking off the first of a four-part ‘Zoom Your Career” live webinar series this month. The webinar series will focus on topics you all have found challenging in your careers as researchers. Discussion topics include Managing Grant and Lab Finances, Managing Your Lab and Personnel, Positioning Yourself for Promotion & Beoming an Effective Mentor. We hope to see you in attendance at one or all! For more details, visit As always, if you have been promoted, awarded a grant, or featured in an article, let us know so that we can brag about you!

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