Fabienne E. Poulain, PhD

Dr. Poulain is originally from France and obtained her PhD from the University Paris 6-Pierre et Marie Curie,  studying the roles of microtubule-regulating proteins stathmin in neuronal morphogenesis. She became convinced that observing axon growth directly in the embryo in vivo would provide invaluable insights on how axons integrate different signals from the environment to navigate properly. She joined the laboratories of Drs. Chi-Bin Chien  and Joseph Yost at the University of Utah

to study the roles of Heparan sulfate proteoglycans in axon guidance in vivo in zebrafish.  Her work led to the discovery that selective axon degeneration is an essential correction mechanism that establishes the topographic ordering of retinal axons during development. She also developed new transplant approaches and transgenic lines to study retinal axon pathfinding and topographic map formation.

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