Faces of CCAD 2023

Meet the faces of CCAD 2023! Representing 12 universities from around the country and chosen from a pool of over 80 applicants, we are excited to introduce you to the CCAD 2023 attendees. How familiar are you with your fellow researchers? Can you match the researcher to the title of the project they will be presenting at CCAD 2023 below?

  1. The ethno-racial impact on the biomarker potential of EVs in AD
  2. Socio-structural determinants of LC-NE function, and its association with sleep disturbance and AD risk in Blacks/African-Americans – A Pilot Study 
  3. Menopause, hormone therapy and Alzheimer’s disease clinicopathology from an in-vivo perspective
  4. LACTB and LACTB2 as novel mitochongrial AD risk genes in microglial cells. 
  5. Measuring item misplacement in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease: An innovative multi-level approach
  6. In vivo imaging of astroglial metabolism in mouse models of Alzheimer’s desase pathogenesis
  7. Exploring a novel isoform-switching therapeutic strategy for Alzheimer’s disease
  8. Passive digital phenotyping for early detection of frontotemporal dementia
  9. Immunological and microbial mechanisms in the periphery as drivers of Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis
  10. Investigating biphasic patterns of functional connectivity and glucose metabolism in autosomal dominant Alzheimer disease
  11. Characterization of the microglia secretome in Alzheimer’s disease
  12. Aerobic Exercise effects on Cognitive Function in those at high-risk for ADRD: Exploring Molecular and Cerebrovascular Mechanisms
  13. Patterns of White Matter Hyperintensities define Pathologies of SVD, CAA and AD
  14. Trancellular Mitophagy in AD
  15. African American Community Sleep Study to Fight Modifiable Risk Factors for ADRD
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