NIA Funding Opportunities

This alert links to all of the Funding Opportunity Announcements and Notices published by the National Institute on Aging at NIH in the previous month, giving researchers and trainees a heads up about what’s new. Read about the latest NIA Funding Opportunities and Notices (published in August 2020) by clicking on the links below:

RFA-AG-21-020: Paul B. Beeson Emerging Leaders Career Development Award in Aging (K76 Independent Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
RFA-AG-21-021: Paul B. Beeson Emerging Leaders Career Development Award in Aging (K76 Clinical Trial Required)

NOT-AG-20-038: Notice of Special Interest: Sex and Gender Differences in Alzheimer’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease-Related Dementias (AD/ADRD)
NOT-AG-20-040: Notice of Special Interest: Basic and Translational Research on Affective, Motivational, and Social Function in Normative Aging and/or Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (AD/ADRD)
NOT-AG-20-047: Notice of Change to RFA-AG-21-003 New/Unconventional Animal Models of Alzheimer’s Disease (R24 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
NOT-AG-20-048: Notice of Change to RFA-AG-21-026 Preclinical Development of Novel Therapeutics Targeting Aging Mechanisms (SBIR U44 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
NOT-AG-20-049: Notice of Change to RFA-AG-21-016 Planning Projects for Clinical Trials on Effects of Sustained Reductions in Caloric Intake and Related Dietary Practices in Younger and Older Persons (U01 Clinical Trial Optional)

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