Federica del Monte, MD, PhD

Dr. del Monte is an MD and Cardiology graduate from the University of Rome (Italy) and PhD graduate from the Imperial College of Science and Technology in London (UK). He research lab focuses on basic cardiac muscle pathophysiology and translational research to understand the pathogenesis of cardiomyopathies and heart failure (HF) as an Alzheimer’s disease and for the discovery of novel therapies. The lab utilizes an interdisciplinary approach in-vitro and in-vivo physiology, molecular biology and imaging as well as biophysical and structural-chemistry approaches.

The early work from Dr. del Monte’s lab focused on Ca2+ homeostasis in the failing heart and gene therapy. For those studies, Dr. del Monte is a recognized leader in cardiomyocytes physiology and Ca2+ handling in animal models and human hearts. Dr. del Monte’s research has evolved towards cutting edge and innovative unexplored territories linking Alzheimer’s Disease and heart failure. The latest discoveries are recognized as a major breakthrough that opened a new era for the understanding of the pathogenesis of HF.

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