Hu Li, PhD

Dr. Li’s team are focused on systems biology, systems pharmacology and individualized systems medicine. Li’s team is active in developing novel network tools and harnessing machine learning methods to study context-dependent activities of regulatory networks at genome-wide scale. The major theme in the research team is to develop novel computational methods that can detect meaningful biological information embedded in the sea of Big Data and uncover novel regulatory mechanisms that explain the properties of biological phenotypes to benefit individualized disease diagnosis, drug discovery, and precision medicine. 

The developed computational platforms can greatly illuminate the understanding of disease mechanisms underlying drugs’ modes of action, addressing key challenges in Big Data-oriented biomedical complex systems and will ultimately lead to precision medicine for each patient suffering from a devastating disease. His team is currently working on ways to elucidate how regulatory networks that constitute a constellation of genes drive disease formation and progression in different individual patients to provide novel perspective in designing network-based treatments to realize translational individualized precision medicine.

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