Previous Training: BS, College of William & Mary; MD, PhD, Vanderbilt Univ. School of Medicine; Residency in Neurology, Hospital of the Univ. of Pennsylvania (UPENN), Dementia Fellowship; Washington Univ. School of Medicine. In addition to my basic research, I see patients in the Memory Diagnostic Center and participate in clinical research as an investigator in the Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (KADRC). Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, with a special interest in oxidative stress; role of circadian clock genes in the regulation of brain oxidative stress, bioenergetics, and neurodegeneration; how 

proteins associated with neurodegenerative disease, such as Apolipoprotein E, modulate oxidative stress responses in the brain;  phenotypic and biochemical similarities between autosomal dominant (familial) and sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as to employ mass spectrometry and PET-based amyloid imaging techniques to elucidate the relationship between brain amyloid deposition, neuronal oxidative damage, and dementia in living patients

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