It was and honor to be invited to participate in CCAD. The words of wisdom the scientific board shared will resonate in my mind for a long time to come. CCAD will make a huge difference to the millions suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
Joe Goveas, Ph.D.
Two days of networking with senior investigators as well as with young rising stars in Alzheimer's disease research is truly priceless.
Salvatore Oddo, Ph.D.

Nomination Criteria

To participate in CCAD, a researcher must be nominated by a fellow scientist. Generally, nominations are received from a CCAD alumni or leader in the field of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), such as the director of an AD research center or university faculty.

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

Nominee FAQs

Unfortunately, no. If you have been nominated but live or are associated with an institution outside of the USA we are unable to consider your application. 

If you would like to be nominated but do not have anyone who might be able to nominate you send us an email at we will pair you up with a potential mentor who will be able to nominate you as long as you meet the nomination criteria.

If you have been nominated, you will receive an email requiring the following documents: 1) Your curriculum vitae. 2) Brief explanation of your research (2-page limit). 3) Your current NIH Biosketch. These three separate documents must be submitted before the specified deadline for that year. Once you send your application document in, you will wait to hear if you are invited to attend CCAD

No, references do not count towards the two page limit of your brief research explanation.

After all nominees submit their applications, the CCAD board reviews them and selects the top fifteen to be invited to CCAD.  The board usually receives about fifty applications and takes a few months to carefully review each one before making a decision. Only nominees whose applications were selected are invited to attend CCAD. 

When the CCAD board has reviewed all applications and made their final decisions, you will be contacted by the CCAD program manager to notify you, whether you have been selected or not.

Yes, there is no limit on how many times you can be nominated and apply to the conference. Please note,  you must be nominated anew every year that you wish to apply.  

Yes, if you have a K99 or R00 you are still eligible to be nominated and to apply to CCAD.  You are NOT eligible if you are the PI for an R01 grant, program grant or center grant by the date the conference will be held.

Attendee FAQs

Once you have been invited to attend CCAD, you must formally accept or decline your invitation.  If you wish to accept, you must submit: 1) Affirmation of your intent to submit a proposal and attend the entire conference. 2) A statement that your organization will accept the grant understanding that no indirect costs will be provided. 3) A recent headshot photo.  You will then have a minimum of three months to prepare a proposal to present and defend at the conference.

If you wish to decline your invite, you must do so in written response to the CCAD program manager. Please do this in a timely manner to ensure your spot can be offered to another investigator. 

If you have already submitted a grant that has received a fundable score but will not likely receive the official grant by the time the conference will be held, you are still eligible to attend. However, you must make sure your proposal is sufficiently distinct from the grant application. It can be related, but it must be distinct.

With your proposal, you may either submit a detailed budget or a modular budget.  There is no preference for one over the other. Please submit the one that makes the most sense for your proposal.

No, there is no particular order that the application must be submitted, as long as all required documents are included.

All attendees are given a bio/research booklet of their fellow peers attending the conference.  You may choose to collaborate and present your proposal at the conference.  If you choose to do so, you and your collaborator will submit one proposal and will have the same amount of time to present at the conference as any other proposal presented.

During your presentation you will be given a total of 30 minutes; 20 minutes to present and the remaining 10 minutes for Q&A.  You are encouraged to keep your presentation to 20 minutes max, as mentors and fellow peers will have questions.  You will be required to submit a PowerPoint, or Keynote, presentation  the day before you present for your presentation visual.

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