CCAD Connections

Collaboration Highlight – Vicky Yao and Rodney Ritzel

Prior to CCAD, we did not know of each other’s work. At the time, Rodney was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He has an extensive background in sophisticated experimental techniques for disease modeling and therapeutic development, specializing in brain aging and neuroimmunology. Meanwhile, Vicky had recently started a position …

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A Way Forward III

A Way Forward is a four-part series dedicated to sharing these challenges with the CCAD community, along with ways to help address them and contribute to their resolution.

We believe diversity in ideas leads to better medical research, and to achieve this, it is important to identify and address individual, community and institutional challenges scientists face that hold us back as a community. The third piece is written by Jacqueline Helpern. To read her article click on the button below.

New Vision Research Focus – Kei Igarashi

I started my career as a basic neuroscientist studying brain circuit mechanisms related to the sense of smell and then memory. While I was studying on basic research during my PhD, my grandmother started to show symptoms of AD. Even though I got my postdoc training in memory research, I again could not do anything for my grandmother – as no cure existed at that time.

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