About New Vision Research

New Vision Research (NVR) offers a unique approach to funding scientific research. Through its two endeavors, the Charleston Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease (CCAD) and the New Vision Scholar Award, NVR supports innovative early-career scientists and fosters novel cross-field collaboration to help advance research in multiple fields of a disease.

CCAD is an annual conference which hosts promising early-career scientists from across the United States, all working to advance Alzheimer’s disease (AD) research. Since its inception in 2013, CCAD has established itself as a progressive and effective approach to funding scientific research, and promoting innovation and collaboration to better address AD. The New Vision Investigator Award is granted to one or more CCAD attendees to provide seed funding for their innovative research. The goal of New Vision Research is to replicate the CCAD model for scientific research in other diseases.

NVR also awards funding to truly promising investigators through the New Vision Scholar Award. This award is more substantial than the New Vision Investigator Award, and is given to a more established researcher following an extensive review process. While the New Vision Investigator Award provides seed funding for early-career scientists to obtain preliminary data, the New Vision Scholar Award provides funding for a full research project, similar to a federal grant.